Typhoon Trami affecting flights to and from Taiwan, Xiamen and Fuzhou

22 August 2013

Latest update: 22 Aug 2013 10:00 HKT GMT+8

Cathay Pacific advises that due to the forecasted impact of Typhoon Trami approaching Taipei, Xiamen and Fuzhou, a number of flights are cancelled, rerouted, delayed or added on 22 August. Please refer to the following list of affected flights.

Flights delayed to 22 August

CX451 departing from Taipei at 15:50 on 21 August to Hong Kong is delayed to depart at 12:00 22 August

Cancelled flights from Taipei to Hong Kong on 22 August

CX463 departing at 06:20

CX465 departing at 07:10

CX6769 departing at 08:00

CX407 departing at 08:05

CX403 departing at 09:20

CX469 departing at 10:20

Additional flights operated on 22 August

CX2400 is added on 22 August departing from Hong Kong at 18:00, arriving Taipei at 19:45

CX2401 is added on 22 August departing from Taipei at 20:50, arriving Hong Kong at 22:50

Flights to and from Taichung and Kaohsiung will operate as planned according to current forecast. However, with Typhoon Trami approaching Eastern China on late afternoon of 22 August, the following flights are also cancelled.

Cancelled flights to and from Hong Kong and Xiamen/Fuzhou on 22 August

CX6741 departing from Xiamen at 07:45 for Hong Kong

CX6822 departing from Hong Kong at 08:50 for Fuzhou

CX6823 departing from Fuzhou at 11:25 for Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific continues to monitor the situation closely and will issue further updates once more information becomes available. The airline regrets any inconvenience this may cause and hopes for passengers’ understanding.

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