Our Priority provides greater choice and better-defined service options to customers: speed, capacity and assurance for every shipment.
First (PR1)
Our highest Priority for time-critical shipments:
• Access to high-demand flights
• Guaranteed uplift
• Late acceptance and early retrieval
Essential Plus (PR2)
Our upgraded service:
• More access to popular flights
• Higher handling priority than Essential
Essential (PR3)
Our standard service:
• Reliable
• Economical

Applicable to special cargo

Our Priority Solution can be applied to general cargo and shipments requiring special handling including, but not limited to, Pharma LIFT, Fresh LIFT and DG LIFT.

24/7 Live Chat & eTracking

All Priority Solution bookings feature eTracking, while First (PR1) bookings are supported by Live Chat with the Cathay Pacific Cargo Operations Control Centre.

Booking auto-confirmation

Confirm your bookings and Priority tier instantly via Click & Ship and our various online booking platforms.

Money-back guarantee*

First (PR1) offers guaranteed uplift of all confirmed bookings, with 100% refund of net freightage if the shipment is not flown as booked.

Late acceptance and early retrieval

Bookings made with First (PR1) are handled with priority through the shipment journey, including late acceptance and early retrieval.

Access to capacity

Our network extends to more than 100 destinations and includes some of world trade’s busiest trunk routes. Working with our airline partners, we can access all parts of the globe.

The Priority tiers at a glance

^Booking auto-confirmation is applicable to selected special solutions only.

*Money-back guarantee will be activated when pandemic restrictions have been lifted and Cathay Pacific Cargo has resumed its normal long-haul and regional schedules.


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Terms and conditions apply to all Cathay Pacific Cargo products

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