Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal Stage Two Migration Updates

25 June 2013

Cathay Pacific Cargo and Dragonair Cargo have commenced the Stage Two migration at Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal (CPCT) on 03 June 2013. Currently, CPCT is handling the transhipment and import cargo for Dragonair and Cathay Pacific passenger flights.

In order to ensure reliable cargo handling services, CPCT is undergoing further refinements of the systems and workflow. It is decided that the handling of Cathay Pacific (freighters) and Air Hong Kong will be rescheduled to latter half of August. Below is the update of the arrangement:

 Transition Date      Airlines/Aircrafts to be handled at CPCT
3rd June 2013 (Monday) Dragonair
17th June 2013 (Monday) Cathay Pacific – Passenger Flights
Latter half of August Cathay Pacific (Freighters) & Air Hong Kong

CPSL Customer Services Team will provide round-the-clock services and will give advance notice to concerned agents for cargo collection arrangement.

For any enquiry, please contact your local Cathay Pacific Cargo or Dragonair Cargo office.

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