Freighter Operation Migration to Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal

08 August 2013

On 19 August, 2013 at 00:01hrs local HKG time, Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal will start to handle the transhipment and import cargo for the freighter services of Cathay Pacific Airways and Air Hong Kong.

With the experiences gained from the previous stages of migration, the teams at both Cathay Pacific Cargo and Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal have joined forces to review the operations and have made all the necessary refinements of systems and workflow to ensure smooth cargo handling. Today, the performance of Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal in providing import cargo services for Cathay Pacific’s passenger flights has exceeded the standards that have been set forth by Cathay Pacific Cargo. The Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal team has also planned additional manpower resources to ensure smooth transition of the handling of the freighter services.

With the dedication from the Cathay Pacific Cargo and Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal teams, we are confident that a successful migration will take place, and we look forward to providing you with enhanced products and services at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal. The Customer Services Team at the Terminal will provide round-the-clock services to our partners, and advanced notice will be given to concerned agents for cargo collection arrangement.

Thank you for your continuous support to Cathay Pacific Cargo. We look forward to continue serving you with our state-of the-art facilities at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal.

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