Cathay Pacific Taiwan Flights Affected by Typhoon Trami

20 August 2013

Cathay Pacific Airways today (Tuesday, 20 August) announced that based on the latest forecast for Typhoon Trami, the following flights to Taipei on Wednesday will be cancelled.

Details of the flights cancelled are as follows:

Flight No.


Scheduled Departure Time (HK Time)


From Hong Kong to Taipei

7:25 pm on 21 August


From Hong Kong to Taipei

8:00 pm on 21 August


From Hong Kong to Taipei

10:50 pm on 21 August

“Typhoon Trami is expected to disrupt our flight operations to and from Taiwan from late Wednesday, 21 August to early Thursday, 22 August. We anticipate there may be more flights affected and we will continue to monitor the situation closely and will issue further updates once more information becomes available. The airline regrets any inconvenience this may cause.


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