Pet Travel FAQ's - Americas

1. Where can I find information on Pet Travel?

Ans. Pet Travel information


2. What are the flight schedule available to make reservations for my Pet?

Ans. For Flight availability please click link: Flight Schedule


3. What type of breeds are not accepted for Pet Travel?

Ans. Embargo List for Live Animals


4. I am not traveling with my pet, is there any additional requirements for that?

Ans.  Yes, you will need to provide "Consignee" information and contact details.


5. Does Cathay Pacific require the shipper to travel on the same flight, or can the pet fly separately?

Ans. No, not required to travel and can travel separately.


6. How will I know if I'm using the correct Kennel size?

Ans. Kennel Measurement


7. How many hours is the required transit time in Hong Kong?

Ans. Within 24 hours.


8. Allow with toys and food with the pet keep in the kennel?

Ans. No, fix feeding and watering instructions to the container (if any). Food and water, and ensure that they are easily accessible from outside the container. Place absorbent bedding on the floor of the container such as cloth or blanket.


9. Anyone will fill up some more food/ water during the transit time in HKG?

Ans. No


10. Can I see my pet during the transit time in HKG?

Ans. No


11. How to pick up my pet upon arrival at destination?

Ans. Office Locator


12. How much will it cost to ship my Pet?

Ans. Rate varies per cities/countries (origin & destination). Contact Cathay Pacific local Office.


13. Accepted form of payments.

Ans. We accept Credit Card or cash for payment.


14. Do I need to pay first once booking?

Ans. No, payment will be assess and collected upon tendering your pet.


15. What time can I drop off the pet?

Ans. Drop off your pet to Cathay Pacific Cargo Office 4 hours before flight departure.


16. Where do you load my pet?

Ans. Pet will be located at the Cargo Hold where the temperature is maintained.


17. Can someone drop off the pet beside the shipper?

Ans. No, the shipper must drop off the pet along with the government issued ID.


18. Can I drop off my pet earlier than 4 hours?

Ans. No.


19. How many pets can keep in one kennel?

Ans. maximum of 2, provided that both live pet have ample space to move freely inside the kennel.


20. Can our pet travel with us in the passenger cabin as emotional support animal? What are the requirements?

Ans. Click link for information: Guide/Assistance Dogs


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