A customised, secure solution
With Cathay Pharma, we have brought innovation and expertise to the evolving needs of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Cathay Pharma is a temperature-sensitive solution able to meet the logistics challenges of a post-pandemic world – and bring life-saving vaccines, medicines and research to those who need it most.

Cathay Pharma at a glance
• Innovation and expertise at every stage
• CEIV Pharma assurance
• Biggest choice of packaging options and widest temperature range in Asia

Global network, dedicated staff

• More than 74 qualified pharma centres across our network
• Only trained and qualified staff handle Cathay Pharma shipments
• Hong Kong hub is less than five hours away from half of the world’s population

IATA CEIV Pharma quality assurance

All stages of the shipment process are CEIV Pharma-certified:
• Onboard Cathay Pacific aircraft
• In the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal
• On the ramp with GHA Hong Kong Airport Services (HAS)
• Other stations across the network

Our home terminal features a new Pharma Handling Centre:
• 1,250 sqm capacity
• Storage capacity for 54 ULD
• 66 racks for loose storage
• Computer-controlled temperature monitoring
• Movable ceiling-mounted power points for charging
• Inflatable surrounds for truck docks to maintain temperature

The widest temperature range in Asia

We offer four industry-standard transportation ranges.
• FRO (below 0°C)
• COL (+2°C – +8°C)
• CRT (+15°C – +25°C)
• ERT (+2°C – +25°C)

Your choice of packaging

With seven container suppliers, we have the largest choice of packaging in Asia, covering a wide product temperature range of -80°C to +40°C.
• CSafe Global
• DoKaSch
• Envirotainer
• Sonoco ThermoSafe
• SkyCell
• Tower Cold Chain
• va-Q-tec

Priority handling on tarmac

• Speedy ground logistics avoid prolonged exposure to unsuitable ambient temperatures
• Benefit from “last in, first out” handling and loading
• Bookable thermal dollies at Hong Kong International Airport
• Quick transfer times to the warehouse

Ultra Track: reassurance with next-generation track-and-trace

• Add Ultra Track for multi-dimensional shipment visibility
• Integrate data into systems via IATA ONE Record-standard APIs
• 24/7 monitoring by the Operations Control Centre (OCC), offering proactive intervention to prevent excursions

Expedite your shipment with Priority

• Cathay Pharma is integrated with Cathay Pacific Cargo’s Priority solution, which ensures speed and access to capacity
• Opt for the Priority tier best suited to your shipment

Basic temperature tracking

Temperature tracking for Cathay Pharma Active available at intervals.

The following wireless sensor devices are approved for carriage:
• 7P Solutions GD100, GL200, GL300MG, GL300W, and EMN Probe
• Alperton Ltd SIT1002 IoT Cargo Tracker
• Apresys D25
• BeOn IoT A1
• Berlinger - SmartMonitor SHIP L and SmartMonitor SHIP M
• CalAmp SC1004/1102/1204/1302/SCI PTAG4B Tag/STAG04HT
• Cartasen
• Cartasen U Sensor Model 100115
• Castle Canyon
• Controlant CO 10.01 & Saga/H/P
• CORE Insight BLE Standard Tag STD003
• DeltaTrak, Inc 22361 FlashLink RTL Prime In-Transit Logger, 60-day
• DeltaTrak, Inc 22362 FlashLink RTL Prime 2G In-Transit Logger, 15-day
• DeltaTrak, Inc 22366 FlashLink RTL Prime 3G In-Transit Logger, 60-day
• DeltaTrak, Inc 31010 FlashLink Mini PDF In-Transit Logger
• Dostmann Electronic GmbH - LOG200
• Emerson GO Real-Time Tracker
• Geoforce Inc. GT0/GT1
• GND gSense30g-02
• Hanhaa ParceLive
• ILC2000
• Intelyt iTAG
• iTraq Butterfly
• Kirsen A-Type device
• LogTag TRIX-8
• LogTag USRIC-8 & USRIC-16
• Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd - LBBC0ZZ2AM-690
• NEXT4 N402i
• OnAsset - Sentry 400/500/600 FlightSafe
• Onset Computer Corporation - InTemp CX402/405/502/503/602/603/702/703x
• Q-tag CLm doc
• Reelables A-label
• RoamBee - 2G-3G Bee
• RoamBee - 3G BeeSense
• RoamBee - BeeBeacon
• RoamBee - BeeSense Air
• RoamBee - BeeSense Flex/ BNG500
• Sendum PT300, PT300D
• Sentinel 100/A/B/C/L/P/S
• SenseAware
• Sensitech Inc T11012177 TempTale RF
• Sensitech Inc T11012294/TempTale RF2
• Sensitech Inc T11012585/TempTale Ultra Dry Ice Probe 3M
• Sensitech Inc T11012595/TempTale Ultra Dry Ice Probe 1M
• Sensitech Inc T11012800/TempTale Ultra Probeless Dry Ice
• Sensitech Inc T11012990/TempTale GEO Ultra Extended (Lithium)
• Sensitech Inc T11013050/TempTale GEO Ultra/VizComm View Ultra
• Sensitech Inc T11013060/TempTale GEO Ultra Dry Ice Extended (Lithium)
• Sensitech Inc T11013070/TempTale GEO Ultra Dry Ice
• Sensitech Inc TempTale@Ultra 16/64K
• Sensitech Inc TempTale4 USB & USB Dry Ice
• Skycell Savy Sensors
• Sony VT-G100
• Sysloco - E4BL/HGD4/HGR4
• Tec4med Lifescience GmbH - TempBeacon
• Tec4med Lifescience GmbH - SmartBeacon
• Tec4med Lifescience GmbH - CryoBeacon
• Tec4med Lifescience GmbH - SmartHub
• Tec4med Lifescience GmbH - SmartLock
• Tempsen iTAG3 Pro / Tempod SP / Electronics CR2450
• TIVE TT-4000/7000/7100
• Toollive TL001
• Trackonomy FBO-2001/ FWB-2001
• Versa Group B.V. Versa 1

Cathay Pharma: Active and Passive

Two options for two requirements. Choose how we can help, and let us take care of the rest.

Cathay Pharma Active

Active containers use thermostatic mechanisms to maintain a specified temperature or temperature range, supported by suppliers Envirotainer, CSafe and DoKaSch.

  • Dry ice and battery management at each shipping point
  • Expedient ground handling
  • Online temperature tracking available at intervals during the journey

Cathay Pharma Passive

Passive provides expedient logistics for pharmaceuticals transported in passive boxes and packaging using insulation and using coolants to stay within a required temperature range.

  • Speedy ground logistics
  • Priority tarmac handling
  • Pre-customs clearance for prompt delivery
  • Shipment storage within required temperature range when available

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