Transporting small parcels urgently requires speed and flexibility.
With Courier LIFT, you can rest easy knowing your important parcels will arrive with time to spare.

Types of services

Linex wholesale courier with airport-to-airport and airport-to-door services
Courier LIFT applies to consignments under 32 kg and 158cm per piece

Speed and flexibility

Late acceptance and early release of shipments ensures maximum flexibility for urgent cargo. Efficient ground mobile fleet for fast, speedy pick-up and delivery through express RPX pick up and delivery service.


Simplified customs and documentation procedures ensure rapid preparation and customs clearance.

High loading priority

Your urgent parcels will get superior loading priority using Courier LIFT

Service extras

RPX – door-to-door express courier services with three levels of service:*
• RPX Platinum – hand-carry service by a dedicated courier on the first available flight
• RPX Gold – express pick-up and delivery service to major destinations within Asia, Europe and North America
• RPX Silver – value-for-money delivery service

*Selected markets only. Full detail of RPX services are available at


  • General cargo, under 32 kg and 158 cm per piece

Booking Cut-off, before departure

  • 240 minutes

Cargo & Document Acceptance, before departure

  • 90 minutes

Cargo & Document Release, after arrival

  • 90 minutes


  • Airport-to-door delivery can also be arranged
  • Cargo and document acceptance and release times may vary at selected markets and are subject to local conditions

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