Handling dangerous goods requires special expertise to ensure there are no risks to human life during the journey. The mission of our dangerous goods team to work closely with our customers to make overall safety the first priority.

Handle all classes

We accept all classes of dangerous goods from Class 1 to Class 9, from flammable liquids to radioactive materials


All handling procedures are in full compliance with IATA safety standards and requirements of local jurisdictions

Staff expertise

Our IATA Dangerous Goods certified staff provide regulated handling at all stations

Segregated storage facilities

Special storage areas are available for dangerous goods approved by local authorities

Cargo & Document Acceptance, before departure

  • 240 minutes

Cargo & Document Release, after arrival

Passenger flights 180 minutes
Freighters 300 minutes


  • Additional security measures can be provided upon request
  • Cargo and document acceptance and release times may vary at selected markets and are subject to local conditions
  • Special cargo handling procedure
  • Express handling is not applicable at cargo acceptance

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