Tailor-made solution for your premium wine

Temperature Regulation

Fluctuations in temperature may affect the quality of wine, hence, Wine LIFT offers cool containers* designed to maintain specific temperature ranges for premium wine.

* cool containers available upon request at additional cost

Expert Handling

Our teams are highly experienced in handling valuable and fragile shipment

Tight Security

Extensive security under CCTV cameras monitoring

Over 190 destinations worldwide

We cover almost every part of the world

Cargo & Document Acceptance, before departure

Passenger flights 150 minutes
Loose cargo 240 minutes
Pre-packed cargo 150 minutes

Cargo & Document Release, after arrival

Passenger flights 180 minutes
Freighters 300 minutes


  • Cargo and document acceptance and release times may vary at selected markets and are subject to local conditions

Wine LIFT Plus

Active container – Supported by Envirotainer containers providing thermostatically controlled solutions for wine shipments that require a strict cold-chain management of 11°C to 17°C

  • Container equipped with thermostat-controlled air-conditioning system with compressor cooling and electrical heating powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Mandatory battery recharging at each shipping point
  • Multiple temperature and battery checks during shipment
  • Online temperature tracking available during the journey

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